On September 1, Columbia Management Investment Advisers, LLC acquired Emerging Global Advisors, combining strengths and expertise to expand ETF offerings.

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Beta Advantage ETFs

Columbia Sustainable
U.S. Equity Income ETF
Ticker: ESGS
Columbia Sustainable
International Equity Income ETF
Ticker: ESGN
Columbia Sustainable
Global Equity Income ETF
Ticker: ESGW

The Columbia Threadneedle Beta Advantage Equity ETFs are rooted in two decades of global quantitative and fundamental equity investing. Relying on this experience, we develop rules-based frameworks designed to help investors obtain their desired outcomes with targeted exposures balancing style factors with managed risk.

Focus on Sustainability

We focus on companies that offer both competitive and sustainable levels of income, as well as the potential for attractive total returns.

  • SUSTAINABLE INCOME: A number of dividend yield indices use yield as the only consideration when choosing or allocating weights to stocks; however, very high yields can be indicative of financial stress which could ultimately subject shareholders to significant capital loss. Our process is designed to identify dividend payers with the financial stability and consistent cash flows to support their payouts.
  • SUSTAINABLE COMPANIES: We identify a subset of attractive dividend payers that have limited exposure to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues.

The Beta Advantage Equity ETF products are part of a broader effort by Columbia Threadneedle Investments to apply the lessons learned from years of internal Investment Process oversight and research to rules-based style investing. This is done by applying a "best practices" approach to custom indices calculated by MSCI.

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