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Reliable income. Responsible companies.

In today’s uncertain environment, investors are more concerned than ever about securing reliable income.

Our suite of sustainable income exchange-traded funds (ETFs) is designed to generate steady income by investing in strong, financially healthy companies with a history of growing dividends. And, your clients can feel good knowing they're investing in socially responsible companies, because doing well and doing good aren't mutually exclusive.


  • Dividend growth. Enhance your clients’ potential to generate dividends with higher quality companies that have historically outperformed the broader equity market — with lower volatility.

  • Reliable income. Consider funds designed to identify companies with financial stability and consistent cash flows to support future dividends and provide reliable income.

  • Responsible companies. Uphold your clients’ values with attractive companies that offer exposure to environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.

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For more information about our ETF products, please contact your wholesaler or call 888-800-4347.