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Looking Beyond Myths and Liquidity Screens to Understand ETFs

Despite the growth of the exchange-traded fund (ETF) industry, many investors concerned about liquidity restrict themselves to a small number of products. But a closer look at the characteristics of ETF structure and the ETF universe reveals that many of the liquidity screens used - including fund size and bid-ask spread - aren't indicative of an ETF's true liquidity. This Expert Series aims to help wealth managers unlock the true competitive advantage of using thinly traded ETFs.

Strategic Beta in Emerging Markets

There is an opportunity for investors in EM to implement a rules-based investment process that reflects the systemization of alpha drivers in active management. Historically, strategic beta ETFs in EM have had better alpha at a lower expense. This Expert Series aims to make the case for strategic beta in emerging markets and outlines how investors could use a strategic beta emerging market fund as a core, core complement or satellite strategy in portfolio.